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SH Soulutions is a Bangalore based company, having many aspirations and committed to deliver the world class product & services in the industry.

Our experts will provide added value to your business to expand your customer base. SH Soulutions is a one Soulutions for all your business needs. We design the websites and software and provide the annual maintenance, we provide end to end printing services, and we create corporate films for your needs.

Website & Software

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We design and develop creative websites for your business. We develop software applications to simplify, automate, and improve the efficiency of your business needs or requirements. We provide software testing services to improve the quality, usability & performance of software and website. We create automation scripts to test complex, highly scalable system.

Our customers are well satisfied by our services, timely delivery, quality solutions & support.

Web Designing and Annual Maintenance

    1. Dynamic / E commerce websites
    2. Content management sites
    3. Cash on Delivery
    4. Flash websites
    5. Logo & Page designs
    6. SEO / SMO

Web Hosting, Domain Registration and Renewal:

We take care of your Domain Registration and Website hosting and also we will keep u posted with timely reminders.

Software Development and Annual Maintenance:

Understand your business requirements, and we do software design, coding and test it completely. We are striving towards making ease of your day today business activities.

Software Testing Services

Automation, Performance, Manual Testing

Mobile Site Development :

Mobile and Tablet Compatible sites

Do you want to expand and Market your business online? Have a website!

How a website can add value to your business?

The advantages of having a website are as follows:

  • Far cheaper and much more flexible than printing advertising
  • Market expansion 24/7/365
  • Add value and satisfaction
  • Standardize sales performance & Improve credibility
  • Promote your Physical location, improve customer service and update information easily
  • Cost effective market research


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Do you want to poke us, find a work which involves the word “PRINT”. We undertake all types of printing Soulutions - Business cards to Books, Mugs to T-shirts, and Pamphlets to Banners etc. We have an expertise core team who can convert your thoughts into creative designs which exceeds your expectations with the best quality.

How we operate on printing Soulutions?

You just need to call us with a requirement

  • We design your requirement
  • We print it
  • We deliver it to your door steps

You will like our commitment towards delivering your products on time at your doorsteps.
We are available 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week and 12 months in a year.

One stop Soulutions for all your needs.

Saves your: Unnecessary Efforts+ Time+ Energy = Money

We design, print:

Pamphlets Brochures Calendars
Dairies Business cards Letter heads
Envelopes Books Invitations
Receipt books Delivery challans School dairy/ blue books
Posters Banners Mugs/T shirts/Pens
ID cards/Tags/Badges Certificates Newsletters
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Creative Films

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Underline prospect of every business or organization is to project and promote themselves. This is where a business card, brochure and website plays a vital role as a media. A Digital media also called as films is the fastest and most attractive mode to reach huge audience. Hence creative films act as your digital document to spread widely. This can inspire, impress, and motivate customers and employees too.

We have a well-trained, experienced creative team from pre-production to post-production. Company can create corporate films ranging from low budget to high budget movies.


Showcase opportunities:

  • Distribution through portable disks - Go green, save paper.
  • Projection in company or organization events
  • Screened in seminars and exhibitions.
  • Telecasting
  • Include in your website
  • Social networking sites
  • YouTube

Creative films are the most effective way of marketing. Films can be advantageous as it is:

Powerful: It communicates your message quickly and most effectively by holding the viewers’ interest 
Effective Introduction: It makes a great ice-breaker for sales calls on new prospects. Rather than a salesperson trying to give a mental image of the company, a video can do it with pictures, music and exciting special effects 
Versatility: the same video can be used at multiple occasions: sales meetings, trade shows, point of purchase displays, for customer training, and also as a video brochure
Increase in sales: Prospects are 72% more likely to purchase a product or service when video is used. Also there is a 51% greater understanding of a subject or product through video
Time Saver: One of major advantage of videos are its ability to give a great deal of information in a short amount of time
Personable: You may be unable to reach every prospect to come and see your facility, but with video your facility can reach them
Brand Building: A video helps your company increase brand visibility

We expertise in creating:

  • Documentaries: Constitute a broad category of nonfictional motion pictures intended                    to document some aspect of reality, primarily for the purposes of instruction or maintaining a historical record
  • Digital Prospectus for institutions:  As the name says this is the prospectus of the organization or institution in a video format. This is far cheaper and effective media than printing media.
  • Digital brochure of products and services: A digital brochure is created to showcase/market/promote the products, facilities, or even services of the company. This is the most attractive and passionate way of approach.
  • Corporate films: A corporate film tells the story of a company/organization. It involves establishing corporate identity, depicting company history, facilities/production units, products/services and most importantly the message the top brass of the company has to send out along with testimonials.

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Contact Name: Hemanth / Santhosh
Contact Number: 9886978239 / 9945247497

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